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Let's explore your desires

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Manifestation can be a tricky concept with many misconceptions. To me it means turning our thoughts, ideas, & desires into our reality. With the many different ways a person can practice manifestation, putting pen to paper allows me to tap into my mind to & get clear on what will make me feel fulfilled.

I want you to take a look at what has come to fruition, what could possibly deterring/ helping your manifestations. & of course what you want the most at this moment in time. Think deeply & be honest with yourself. Nothing is too big or too small. The goal is to get everything you want out of this one life.

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the benefits of

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helps visualize goals
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inspires creativity
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reduces stress & anxiety
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prompts self healing
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improves mindfulness
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keeps thoughts organized
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1. What am I grateful for that the Universe has already given me?

2. What does my "ideal" life look like?

3. What do I currently want to manifest & why?

4. Who/what makes me happy/vibrate higher?

5. What is holding me back from living my dream life?

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