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Figuring out your anxiety

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

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Have you ever been out with friends & randomly get anxious? Or just sitting at home & negative thoughts start pouring in? If so, then I understand & I've been there (& sometimes I'm still there). Anxiety can cause harmful effects to our mental & physical health while taking control of our social life too. We feel sluggish, in a funk, moody, nervous...

It can get difficult to understand & really know the root cause (if there even is one)! So let's try figure ourselves out together! Be open & honest with yourself here as you answer the following questions.

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the benefits of

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helps visualize goals
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inspires creativity
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reduces stress & anxiety
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prompts self healing
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improves mindfulness
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keeps thoughts organized
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1. What do I feel most anxious about right now?

2. How do my worries affect my life?

3. Does a certain environment/thing/person trigger my anxiety? If the answer is yes, think about why. Is there a way to remove yourself from these situations?

4. Is there a recurring factor that contributes to my anxious thoughts?

5. Has anything helped in easing my anxiety in the past? If yes, what?

6. What are 5 self care activities I can partake in that work towards protecting my peace?

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