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Embracing your vulnerability

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

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Letting go of that fear of being rejected, judged, or misunderstood is key to unleashing your vulnerability. Yes, this may seem daunting, but it allows you to be authentic & true to not only yourself, but to your feelings.

Whether it be expressing your love to another person, asking for help when needed, or having the courage to speak up when upset, vulnerability will strengthen our relationship with others & with ourselves.

All of this requires us to step out of our comfort zone (yes scary I know, but worth it) & expose who we truly are. Once we do that our conenctions will become deeper, you will grow tremendously, & you will be able to navigate through life with greater ease. Start off small, share something personal that you typically would hold back on telling people. Admit your mistakes, don't feel ashamed about them, we're all human. Be true to you, even if it means standing apart from the opinions or expectations of others.

Lean into your feelings. Being vulnerable is NOT a sign of weakness. It's a sign of strength.

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the benefits of

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helps visualize goals
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inspires creativity
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reduces stress & anxiety
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prompts self healing
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improves mindfulness
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keeps thoughts organized
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1. How has being vulnerable impacted your relationship with others? What was their reaction?

2. Are there any areas in your life you struggle to embrace vulnerability? Has this been since childhood or in adulthood? Why do you think that is?

3. How do you typically respond to vulnerability? Do you avoid, embrace, or minimize it?

4. Think about a relationship in your life that you are comfortable being vulenerable. Who is that person? What qualities do they have that allow you to feel safe & supported?

5. What is your biggest fear surrounding vulnerability? Really dive deep into this. Was there ever an occurance that this fear stemmed from?

6. Are there any feelings that you are holding back from expressing in the present moment. Think of all the positives that will benefit you from being vulnerable in this situation. Do you have anything to lose?

7. Say this out loud:

" I embrace vulnerability as a source of strength & connection. I trust that by allowing myself to be vulnerable, I am able to grow & thrive in all areas of my life."

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