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Be present in the current moment

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With jobs, relationships, social media, responsibilities, & dealing with adulthood... it's hard to step away & be present. For a lot of us there are numerous external factors that take away our time & focus. It can get difficult to release everything to just focus on this moment in time. Being aware of our thoughts, emotions, surroundings, & senses is extremely important in getting a full grasp of our current state of mind & situation.

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the benefits of

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helps visualize goals
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inspires creativity
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reduces stress & anxiety
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prompts self healing
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improves mindfulness
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keeps thoughts organized
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During this prompt, I urge you to find a quiet & clean space free of distraction. Silence your phone, close your laptop, & tell everyone around to not interrupt you for at least 5 minutes. Now, lets begin! 1. What is currently running through my mind? It can be anything - bad or good. 2. How am I feeling? What emotions are most prominent right now? 3. Let's check in with the 5 senses. What can I hear, smell, taste, see, & feel?

After finishing up those questions, I want you to take a look at your answers & reflect...

Why are am having these particular thoughts? Is there a reason behind those feelings/ emotions?

What do I want my present moment to feel/be like?

What can I do to improve the present?

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